Fitting Essentials

When should your first fitting be?

After Surgery it is different depending on each woman and how they deal with surgery.  Typically 4-6 weeks is the time when most women are healed well with no open wounds or scabs. When you’re feeling good and it doesn’t hurt to have a little pressure against the incision is when you should have your first fitting.


When should you replace your bras and forms?

Bras don’t last forever (contrary to some of us who keep bras for 7 or 8 years).  Yearly is when bras should be replaced.  After a year they begin to stretch out and are not as supportive as they first were.  When you wear something every day it’s hard to tell that it is breaking down.  The straps no longer support as well and the hooks tend to bend easily and want to come unhooked.


The prosthesis is warranted for 2 years and that is considered the useful lifetime of the form.  It begins to get squishy and folds into the bottom of the cup more and no longer has the same shape.  Sometimes bubbles will begin to appear on the back which is an indication that it is time to replace before a leak occurs. Some forms hold up longer so if there is any question we can look at it and see if it looks like it needs replaced.


Full Figure Fittings

All fittings are free.

It is especially important to have a well fitting bra with good support.  Wide straps and sturdy material is key to good support as well as the construction of the cup. Come see us for a fitting to help with support and comfort.